Partnership programme

567 All-Ukrainian Taxi actively encourages potential partners to cooperate in all Ukrainian cities. The company offers favourable terms for taxi services in Kyiv and other regions. Connection to 567 All-Ukrainian Taxi presupposes using the latest booking software, both through the operator and online in the mobile app. We strive for development, improved services and increased brand recognition in the country. Every day brings more orders helping the taxi service to take leading positions opening new opportunities for all interested parties.

How to start a partnership with 567 All-Ukrainian Taxi?

To conclude a partnership agreement, the taxi service should meet certain criteria and have:

  • the office for driver training and organising operator performance;
  • permanent static IP-address;
  • own/rented fleet comprising more than 30 cars;
  • full-time service administrator for training and organising work on receiving and processing orders;
  • personal account;
  • systems of record-keeping and official reporting generation;
  • client database.

Our partnership offer


  • 24/7 operator service
  • 24/7 driver support
  • Interactive voice and SMS broadcasting
  • Automatic order distribution
  • View driver’s route
  • Online fare calculation
  • Address classifiers


  • Accepting orders in Android mobile app
  • GPS navigator
  • Settlement monitoring, taxi audit
  • Connection with operators
  • Statistics and analytics on completed orders
  • Taximeter (distance/time, etc.)
  • Information on the distance from the driver’s location to the client’s address
  • Customized robot setting based on preferred parameters
  • Reserving advanced bookings

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