Taxi for corporate clients

567 All-Ukrainian Taxi has acquired an impeccable reputation in the passenger transportation sector in the Ukrainian market since 1996. We are one of the leaders in corporate taxi services. Cooperation with us means not only savings but also a flawless image of your company. A reliable partner is a key to long-term cooperation.

VIP Taxi

Do you want to make a good impression on your business partner? Book a VIP class car. It is an effective business image tool.

The fleet of the 567 All-Ukrainian Taxi offers a wide variety of VIP Comfort, Business and Premium cars. We make sure that cars are always in good technical condition and look perfect. Our cars will highlight your status, help you successfully solve business issues and spend time with comfort. The car will be delivered exactly at the specified time. VIP taxis are available in Kyiv and Kyiv region.


567 All-Ukrainian Taxi is your comfort and confidence in your success:

  • a VIP car will highlight your status and commitment to a current or potential partner, and will increase the chances of a successful business meeting;
  • a comfortable car means a pleasant trip and positive emotions;
  • we provide transfer services – pick up/take a partner or employee to the airport/train station/meeting.

Courier services

567 All-Ukrainian Taxi service offers courier delivery of goods, parcels and other things. The offer is relevant for small and medium-sized businesses, for example, it can be used to deliver goods to a customer, receive products or samples when you don’t have time for the trip. Individual clients use our services to send personal belongings, flowers, bulky items. Our fleet consists of cars of different carrying capacity.

Our services will speed up sending and receiving cargo. We are available 24/7 without breaks and days off. Your package will be delivered accurately and quickly. The service is provided to individuals and legal entities.


It is another high-demand service. Electronic document flow does not replace the need to exchange paperback documents. By taxi, you can deliver papers, letters, important documents to the right place within a few hours.

Intercity taxi

567 All-Ukrainian Taxi is your chance of fast and comfortable movement not only within the city but also outside it. You can book a taxi for a trip to another city in Ukraine. The car will pick you up at the entrance and transport you to the desired address. We offer cars of any class with experienced drivers who are perfectly oriented in long-distance trips. We do our best to make our passengers comfortable:

  • meet you at the entrance exactly at the agreed time;
  • provide an option to take luggage of any size;
  • quickly take you to the specified address;
  • if necessary, we will escort you in the unfamiliar city;
  • we offer competitive affordable prices.

The ability to hit the road at any convenient time is the main perk of the intercity taxi. What is more, you do not need to lug your suitcases around the station and wait for the train. Having arrived in another city, you save time and energy by getting to the required address right away. Such comfort and mobility are justified. You can book a trip in advance or urgently.


To book an intercity taxi, call 567. The operator will answer all questions, clarify trip details and provide information on the distance in kilometres and travel time. With this information, you can manage your time and arrive in another city as planned. A car that fully meets your request will be delivered to the specified address right on time. You just have to enjoy the ride.

English-speaking driver

Our clients often ask us to meet their foreign business colleagues at the airport. In this case, an English-speaking driver is a must. The staff of 567 All-Ukrainian Taxi includes drivers who speak English. They can express themselves and keep a conversation with your foreign guest.

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