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567 All-Ukrainian Corporate Taxi

  • 25 years in the В2В Ukrainian market of taxi services.
  • Five-star service and exclusive cooperation conditions.
  • Safety and reputation.

Our corporate taxi is the best choice for businesses

About us

Why us?


  • Licensed operation
  • 100+ permanent corporate clients

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  • Call 567
  • In the app
  • On the website

Full report

  • Based on a client’s schedule
  • Allows controlling the route

The best service

  • Personal corporate manager
  • No advance payments
  • Car delivery exactly at a specified place and time


  • Routine vehicle maintenance
  • Experienced drivers
  • Mandatory insurance

Informational support

  • Quick problem resolution
  • 24/7 Call centre
  • The ability to contact a taxi service in any Ukrainian city

Timely, cost-effectively, and conveniently!

Tailored service amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Passenger safety and health is our priority. We perform mandatory disinfection and complex treatment of our cars after each trip. Our drivers undergo compulsory COVID-19 testing. A driver’s dress code includes a face mask.

We make sure that every passenger feels comfortable and safe during the trip.

Partnership programme

Become a part of the 567 All-Ukrainian Corporate Taxi to boost and scale your business. Our partnership programme guarantees:

  • More orders.
  • Support at each stage of the reorganization of operations.
  • Connection to the latest dispatching system.
  • Access to the app and online orders.

Cooperation with us will help increase your brand recognition, expand the client database, reach higher service and income levels!

More about partnership

Easy to remember, easy to book.


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We have developed a user-friendly mobile app, which is always at your fingertips.

Booking a taxi is now convenient and easy.

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